DC Moy Yat Ving Tsun

Kung Fu Club


Palisades Community Church

5200 Cathedral Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20016



Monday, Wednesday & Friday nights

8:30 PM - 10 PM

Class Schedule:

Please contact Sifu Mark at (202) 670-0087 or Mark@DCVingTsun.com

For questions or to schedule a FREE introductory class:

Ving Tsun (pronounced “wing chun”) is an incredibly beautiful Chinese martial art known for its efficiency and effectiveness.  Since it does not rely on physical strength, Ving Tsun is ideal for men and women of any stature.  It was developed in southern China over 300 years ago by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui, who was one of the top martial artists of the time.  Using her expertise in Shaolin Kung Fu, she combined the best techniques available and streamlined them into a highly efficient new system of self defense which can be learned in a much shorter period of time.

In modern times, the greatest master of the Ving Tsun system was the late Grandmaster Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man), who taught in Hong Kong from 1949 until 1972.  Among his students were Moy Yat and Bruce Lee.  Grandmaster Moy Yat was a top student and frequent companion for over 15 years and the youngest Ving Tsun Sifu (teacher) by age 24.  Moy Yat immigrated to New York in 1973 and popularized Ving Tsun in America and around the world until his death in 2001.  One of Moy Yat’s top students since 1980, Anthony Moy Tung Dandridge continues to teach Ving Tsun across the United States in the same authentic manner as taught by Grandmasters Moy Yat and Yip Man before him.

We are the Washington, DC Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Club.  Workouts are informal and relaxed, and we encourage you to come try the system out for yourself.  No martial arts experience required, and beginners are welcome.

Classes are currently geared toward responsible adults, ages 18 and over.  If you have a child or young adult who is interested, please let us know, and we can contact you if an age appropriate class becomes available.

Plenty of free street parking is available.

Nearest MetroRail: Tenleytown-AU on the Red Line

MetroBus Routes: M4, D5, and D6

Typical attire is a t-shirt, sweats, and sneakers.

Jewelry should be removed prior to class.